Torre de Can Puig


The origins of the house are linked to the properties of the Monastery of La Vall de Sant Daniel without a specific date. The house, an old one-storey stone farmhouse, was acquired and enlarged in the second half of the 19th century by Josep Puig i Corominola, a member of the Catalan bourgeoisie in Girona and founder of Ferros Puig, a well-known Girona company, to convert the in the summer house that they will enjoy through the generations of the same family.

It is said that the estate was known for hosting parties and leisure with the high society of Girona and Catalonia, which had been attended by renowned figures and friends of the family, such as the artist Santiago Rusiñol.

During the Spanish Civil War, in 36, a lieutenant colonel settled in the house, which is why it remains intact. At the end of the war, the property returned to the Puig family and remained a summer house until the 1950s. From this time on, the family gradually stopped using it until the 1980s. , the house maintains a certain activity with a landlady.

Mrs. Maria, who grew a vegetable garden and raised chickens, provided the Puig family with fresh vegetables, eggs and chickens. When he died, the unoccupied estate began a period of abandonment and progressive deterioration. Finally, it is 'occupied' by the assembly of young people of Girona who call the estate with the name of 'La Ferralla', as a space, not only physical, where to develop artistic, cultural, social and political activity of a free and open form, as opposed to the predominant political and economic system.

In 2007 the property was evicted. The house, which will remain closed for years until the Puig family decides to sell the property, is completely cleaned, emptied and covered. In 2020 it was acquired by a family from Girona, living in the Vall de Sant Daniel itself, who, in love with the environment, decided to redesign a new future and start a new life for the Torre de Can Puig.

In 2020 Lara Pujol, an interior designer from the city, resident in the Sant Daniel valley, together with her family acquired the house. In love with the environment, they decided to develop a beautiful, unique and transformative project that designs a new future and a new life for La Torre de Can Puig.