Torre de Can Puig


The valley of Sant Daniel is an extensive green area next to the city of Girona with shady places, water fountains and several paths perfect for hiking, cycling and enjoying nature. Near the property is the Monastery of San Daniel (12th-15th century), a beautiful example of Romanesque construction with about 1000 years of history and which has continuously housed a community of Benedictine nuns, as well as a magnificent archive, formed for books and scrolls, dating back to the 11th century.

The Sant Daniel valley is bounded to the north by the Campdorà and Montjuïc mountain ranges, to the east by the northwestern massif of Las Gavarres, which is the natural closure of the valley, whose highest peaks are Sant Miquel (388 m), Monte Estela (379 m), Monte Ventós (329 m) and Monte de les Àligues (279 m), to the south by the O mountain (175 m) and to the west by the city of Girona.


A 10-minute walk from the property is the old town of Girona. The historic city of Girona is one of the most interesting in Catalonia and allows you to explore more than 2,000 years of history from two fortified sites, the Old Fort and the Medieval Eixample. The first corresponds to the Roman foundation and the second to the expansion of the walls during the 14th and 15th centuries. The monuments are abundant and the artistic riches they preserve are remarkable. The attraction of Girona is completed with the suggestive Jewish quarter of Call, with the beautiful streets and porticoed squares and with the exultant baroque spaces and noucentist constructions by Rafael Masó.

Costa Brava

35 km from the estate is located in La Costa Brava. Coastal area of the province of Girona, where you will find the most beautiful beaches and seaside places in Catalonia. This coastal range has an extension of 214 km. It starts in Blanes and ends in Portbou, on the border with France, covering the Catalan regions of Alt Empordà, Baix Empordà and Selva. The 'walking paths' that allow you to explore on foot the entire coast with magnificent views are essential.


Only 90 km away is the city of Barcelona, which shows the most multicultural version and expands its cultural and tourist offer as the capital of Catalonia. It can be reached by high-speed train in just 38 minutes.